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2016 Wholesale Mini Vape Pen Micro

1.Mini e cigarette vape pen Only 9.2*100mm big, easy to carry. Enjoy everywhere 2.Automaticlly vape pen works with airflow indication; LED light indicates the working status in real-time. gradually brightening and darkening, simulated the cigarette. 3.Recharge with Portable Wireless USB charger 4.Refillable with Visible tank Window and the coil can be replaced. 5.Voltage range:3.3-4.2v 6.Colors:black,white,pink


1 x Micro Vape Pen
1 x Wireless USB Charger
1 x Blister Package


Length:100 mm
Diameter:9.2 mm
Tank Content: 0.7 ml
Full Liquid Lasting:300 Puffs
Battery Content:170 mAh
Normal Voltage:3.4-4.2V
Full Charged Lasting: 500 Puffs
Charging Time:2 Hours
Battery Life:1 Year

Picture of 2016 Wholesale Mini Vape Pen Micro
2016 Wholesale Mini Vape Pen Micro